What I plan to blog about

My introduction to kidney failure began more that 3o years ago.  I applied for disability insurance and was denied because protein showed up in my urine.  After getting over the

shock and awe, I visited my doctor.  Did some test. Discovered nothing but was told that

protein in the urine is an indication that your kidneys are not functioning at 100% which

means somewhere down the road I would end up on dialysis.

Fast forward the latter part of the nineties I started  experiencing the decline of the kidneys

and had regular visits every three months with a nephrologist.  Life continued.

August 2003 I began dialysis.  I did PD for about one and a half-year.  Got very ill and

spent three months in the hospital, one month of it in intensive care.  I survived and went

on hemodialysis.  It is now nine years and I feel confident to give advice and help on how

to live healthy,and  happy while managing a chronic condition.

With this blog I hope to interact with people on dialysis, people who have concerns about

a diagnosis, people living with people with chronic conditions.

Welcome to my  kidney world.


About calex888

I am married to my soul mate Malcolm James Have two children: Terence and Kriston Have two grandchildren: Mya and Taitym Retired from the Ministry of the Attorney General 6/2005 Was the Steward and then the President of my local under the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Have been dealing with kidney failure for 30 ++ years Have been on dialysis from August 2003 Currently: Teach (volunteer) people to live healthy with any chronic health condition.through a series of six-week workshops
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